Welcome residents of MainStreet & MainStreet Annex!

Resident Portal

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If you have a FIRE or POLICE emergency, call 911.

Resident Emergency Services
If you need emergency maintenance, please contact maintenance by telephone immediately at 337.984.5065 and press “0” to contact the answering service. The following matters are considered emergencies only.  Please do not report these incidents via the web form below, contact maintenance immediately.

•    Fire
•    No heat
•    Smoke alarm issues
•    Serious water leaks
•    No electricity / no building lights
•    No plumbing or toilet stopped up (only for 1 bathroom apartments)
•    No air conditioning (for safety reasons we cannot work on outside units after dark or during inclement weather)
•    Access gates not functioning
•    Situations where access to the apartment may be compromised

Non-Emergency Service Request
Please call the office at 337.984.5065, or fill out a service request using the link below.

Resident FAQ’s

What methods of payment do you accept?
You may pay your rent with a personal check (only one check per apartment home), a cashier’s check, or money order. Cash is never accepted.

When is rent considered late?
Rent is due on the 1st of each month. Rent is considered late after the 4th of the month.

How should I inform you when I am ready to move-out of my apartment?
A 30-day written notice must be given to the Leasing Center prior to the last month of your lease.

What will happen if I move out before my lease ends?
Contact Leasing Center for information.

What is required for me to end my lease if I am in the military and must leave?
A copy of your military orders and a 30-day written notice must be given to the Leasing Center. Additional information can be found on page 2 of your lease agreement.

Will I be notified when my lease expires?
Please refer to page one of your lease agreement for details.  As a courtesy, you should receive a letter from the Leasing Center.

Can I transfer to another apartment in MainStreet or MainStreet Annex?
Please contact the Leasing Center for information.

When is the pool open?
The pool closes for the day at 10PM Tuesday through Sunday.  All day Monday and Monday evening the pool is closed for weekly maintenance and cleaning. Contact the Leasing Center for specific times and restrictions.

How do I request maintenance service for my apartment?
You may contact the Leasing Center during normal business hours. If your request is a non-emergency, you may also fill out our Online Maintenance Request Form.

How do I request maintenance service for my apartment if I have an emergency after hours?
You may call the Leasing Center, 337.984.5065 and press “0” to contact the answering service.

What would be considered an after hours emergency?
Serious water leaks, electrical failure, sewer back ups, fire, toilet stopped up (if you only have one bathroom). Air conditioning problems and roof leaks can generally only be handled during daylight hours.